Pool Repair: Liner Options For Your Swimming Pool

It's time for a new swimming pool liner. You have your pool all set up and ready to go, but the liner is either looking outdated or in disrepair from regular use. No matter the original liner in your swimming pool, it's possible to update the overall look with a new liner and resurfacing method. Choose a swimming pool liner that adds visual value to your pool area. Vinyl A vinyl liner is a budget option. Read More 

Are Your Gutters Contributing To Your Ice Dam?

An ice dam is what happens when melting snow rolls down the roof to the eaves, where it refreezes. As the water builds up, it backs up underneath the shingles on the roof and eventually penetrates the roof sheathing. Once this happens, the ice melts into the attic and creates a leak in the house. It's important to know how your gutters play a role and how proper maintenance of your gutters can prevent this problem. Read More 

Three Steps To Take In A Plumbing Emergency

At some point in the future, it's reasonable to expect that you might encounter a plumbing emergency in your home. This label identifies a plumber issue that requires direct and immediate attention from a professional -- it's not simply a dripping faucet that annoys you. When you encounter a plumbing emergency, whether it's a burst pipe or a severely overflowing toilet, arranging for a 24-hour plumber to visit your home is necessary, but it shouldn't be the first thing you do. Read More