Can You Afford To Renovate Your Kitchen? Yes, You Just Have To Budget For It

You might have been thinking of renovating your kitchen for some time. It might be looking old or dated or perhaps you simply want to update the room. The big question for you could be if you can afford to renovate one of the most important rooms in your home. Well, the answer is yes, you definitely can afford it, if you create a budget for it and follow these tips. Read More 

Aside From Keeping Moisture Out, What Can Crawl Space Vapor Barriers Do?

Crawl space vapor barriers are primarily designed to be used against all the walls in your crawl space. When installed properly, they help to keep moisture out. This can help to prevent the wood joists, concrete foundation, and electrical wiring in the space from becoming damaged due to water. However, crawl space vapor barriers also help to do a few other things as well. Here are a few of the other things that crawl space vapor barriers can do aside from keeping moisture out of your crawl space: Read More 

You Could Be Living With An Invisible Health Risk: 4 Reasons You Need To Have Your Home Tested For Radon

If you haven't had your home tested for radon, you should. If you're not sure what radon is, it's a radioactive gas that's found in rock, soil, and sometimes well water. According to statistics, about 20,000 lung cancer cases are attributed to radon gas exposure each year. Unfortunately, most people don't realize they need to have their homes tested for the gas. If they do have their home tested, they don't realize that there are times when a second, or even third, test is necessary. Read More 

Care Tips For New Sump Pump Owners

When you install a sump pump in your basement to help you combat water accumulation, it's essential that you maintain it properly. Unfortunately, many new sump pump users are unfamiliar with some of the most common issues that can occur, so they miss key details and find themselves with a malfunctioning pump and standing water in the basement. If you want to avoid having to wade through the water and deal with the resulting damage, there are a few things you should be attentive to. Read More 

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall: All You Have To Do Is Call … Your Roofing Inspector!

Manner people believe that one season is better than others for roofing trouble, but the reality is roofing problems can strike during any season. Each season has it's own unique challenges that can leave your roof the worse for wear. Here's why seasonal roofing inspections can be a great idea for proactively catching roofing troubles before they become larger issues.  Winter Winter is a tough season for your roof. The weight of the snow can weaken asphalt shingles over several winters. Read More