Great Tool Storage Methods And Products

Tools have a way of getting lost. Sometimes it seems as though no matter how many flat-head screwdrivers you have, you can't find one when you need one. Hand tools such as hammers, pliers, wrenches, and others seem to be the most skilled at disappearing. Of course tools can't just get up and walk away, so the blame nearly always lies squarely on the tool user. Being that that's the case, here are some great products and methods for storing tools so that they never get lost again. Read More 

Three Hardscaping Ideas That Will Rock Your Backyard

Making improvements to your outdoors is a great way to add curb appeal and value to your home. But if you don't include the right elements for your climate or landscaping design, you could end up wasting money and time trying to maintain your installation. If you're inspired to give your landscaping a boost, you may want to consider designing with hardscaping features. Hardscaping provides infinite arrangement options, materials that are beautiful and long-lasting, as well as design possibilities that are tailor-made to your aesthetic and functional tastes. Read More 

What Is A Standing Seam Metal Roof?

If you are currently looking to upgrade your roof, choosing a metal roof is a great option. There are many different ways to go when deciding on a metal roof, including a standing seam metal roof. This is a pricier roofing option, but also one that has some excellent benefits. Everything from the type of materials used to the slope of your roof and how it is installed will be different with this roof. Read More 

Open Vs Closed Cell Foam Insulation: Choosing The Right One For The Job

Spray foam insulation is widely accepted by homeowners and contractors as one of the most beneficial options available when it comes to residential insulation. Unfortunately, while settling on the use of foam insulation is an easy choice for many people to make, choosing between open and closed cell foam can often be a far more difficult decision. While some people believe that closed cell insulation is the superior option, others swear by the use of open cell foam. Read More 

3 Ways To Prevent Soffit And Fascia Damage

How does your home's soffit and fascia look? If those terms sound unfamiliar, don't worry. They may be exotic-sounding names, but they're actually very important pieces of your roof. The soffit is the name for the exposed surface of the overhanging portion of your roof. The fascia is the flat panel at the end of the roof's rafters. It's usually covered by your home's gutters. These two elements are important because they provide direct access into your attic and the underside of your roof. Read More