Regular AC Maintenance Can Keep Your Home Healthy

If your family or pets suffer from illnesses, such as allergies and frequent colds, your air conditioning system could be the reason why. Your air conditioning system not only cools your home's air, but it also improves the air quality inside your house. An unclean or improperly maintained cooling system may not work as well as it should. Learn how regular AC maintenance keeps your home healthy below.

Better Air Quality Throughout the House

You may think that if you change the air filter inside your AC regularly, your home will be cleaner and healthier to live in. But even if you change the filter, you still want to maintain the equipment inside your indoor and outdoor cooling units. Outdoor and indoor contaminants could clog up the equipment and prevent it from cleaning, dehumidifying, and regulating your home properly.

If possible, call an air conditioning contractor and request a detailed maintenance check of your indoor and outdoor units. A contractor will check the special coils inside the units for excess debris, mold, and other contaminants. If the coils require cleaning, a contractor will do it for you. The cleaning should help improve the air quality in your home.

In addition to better air quality, regular AC maintenance can also help your cooling system perform better throughout the year.

Better Performance Throughout the Year

Both units in your air conditioning system contain complex parts that require routine maintenance to function well throughout the year, including the blower and compressor. If the parts deteriorate or break down from excess debris or mechanical problems, your cooling system won't keep your home's indoor environment clean enough for your family.

A contractor will check the blower and compressor for mechanical problems as well as excess debris. If the parts require cleaning or maintenance, a contractor can take care of them for you. 

If the parts eventually fail, a contractor may also recommend you upgrade them. Air conditioning units should dehumidify, or remove moisture, from your home. Excessive indoor moisture can encourage mold, mildew, and other unhealthy things to grow inside your home and air conditioning system. If the parts inside the units can no longer dehumidify your home, you want to replace them immediately. 

A contractor may do other important maintenance jobs or replacements on your cooling system during the visit. If you have any questions about the services, consult a contractor immediately.

For more information on how to maintain your air conditioning system, speak with an HVAC company, such as Nathan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., today.