4 Ways To Make Your Sunroom More Functional

A sunroom that is attached to your home and filled with large windows that allow you to enjoy the outdoors throughout the year, should be one of the most frequented areas in your home. In order to get more use out of your sunroom, you may want to make some adjustments.

Way #1: Add Retractable Screens

Most sunrooms contain large windows on at least three sides of the sunroom. All of those windows can be beautiful to look through, especially in the wintertime. However, if kept closed, all those windows can easily turn your sunroom into a hot space, which is where retractable screens come in.

You can add retractable screens to almost all of your windows. You can pull the screens down in order to keep the bugs out when you have the windows open. Or you can pull the screens down to help partially block the sun when it is beating down on your home.

You can also open the screens up a little when you want air to flow freely through the space. Adding retractable screens can make your sunroom more functional.

Way #2: Add a Retractable Awning

If your sunroom is too hot, you can also add some retractable awnings to the outside of your sunroom. These retractable awnings will help protect your sunroom from the sun and keep it from getting too hot in the summertime.

Adding retractable awnings around the outside perimeter of your sunroom is a great choice if you don't have any eaves or overhangs that help protect your sunroom from the sun on hot days.

With retractable awnings, you only have to extend the awnings when you need a little more shade and a little less heat in your sunroom. In the winter, when you want the sunroom to be hot, you can keep the awnings retracted.

Way #3: Cover Up the Floors

You can make your sunroom more inviting by covering up the floors. Add some rugs to the sunroom. This will make it more comfortable to walk around the sunroom in your bare feet. Rugs will also help add color, dimension, and style to the sunroom.

You can add one big rug, or you can add a few smaller rugs under each chair or table in the room for a little more color, fun, and comfort.

Way #4: Add in Lights

Your sunroom lets in a lot of light, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have lights in your sunroom. Add some wall sconces to the walls for more ambient light. Add some overhead dimmer lights that allow you to adjust the level of light.

Adding overhead and wall lights to the space will allow you to use the room even when it is not full of natural light.

Make your sunroom more functional by adding retractable screens to the windows, adding retractable awnings to the outside of the room, adding rugs to make the space feel more comfortable, and adding some lights.