Ornamental Fencing Could Add a Gothic Touch to a Bike Shop

Certain businesses thrive when presented as hip, edgy, and, sometimes, a bit ominous. Enterprises with an X-Games aura to them often embrace counterculture elements to draw in customers. A store selling skateboards, bicycles, and accompanying apparel may even borrow from creepy, horror-inspired elements to push an edgy, alternative attitude. Decorative elements from gothic punk and 1930s horror movies catch eyes. Putting several awesome bikes outside for display might pique the interest in a potential buyer. The bikes and other merchandise do need a layer of security for protection. Commercial aluminum fencing does add some security. And who says the fencing can't deliver security while also furthering the store's gothic look? 

Reliable Function and Desirable Dark Form

Aluminum fencing surrounding a business' lot makes it harder for someone to flee with a bike or other merchandise. In a way, the fencing around a bike shop delivers the same layer of protection that a fence around a vampire's eerie house keeps monster hunters at bay. The gates seen in those old movies are anything but bland. The art director and set designer went to great pains to make all elements of a castle or lair look sinister. Draw inspiration from these old films. Think about following examples of decorative twists for ornamental aluminum fencing: 

  • Bars Evoking a Castle Look: The ominous castle found in terror-inspired pop culture doesn't hide behind a chain link fence. The fences use bars. A shop wishing to capture that castle look and feel may choose to go with a bar design. Black bars might even be a better choice since they fit in with the dark look found in horror films. 
  • Decorative Heads on Spikes: Why not have the bars on the entry gate topped with gargoyle or wolf heads? The look adds a scary dimension to the entrance way and keeps the portal from ever looking dull. 
  • Add Designs to the Bars: The gaps between the bars could be covered and partially sealed by some creative aluminum design work. Imagine some aluminum vampire bats strategically placed on the fencing. They could decrease the unwanted entries while adding to looks. The bats don't even need to be solid. An aluminum outline of a bat's shape might work.

Remember, along with style, bars come with function. Climbing over the fence or trying to drag a bike between the bars won't likely be successful strategies. So, the bars should deliver adequate safety. Contact a team like Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc to learn more about ornamental aluminim fencing.