3 Kitchen Remodeling Trends For 2019

Every year there are new trends in kitchen design and remodeling projects. If you plan to update your kitchen in 2019, you may want to adopt the next set of trends to help your kitchen remain fresh and aesthetically appealing all year long.

The Industrial Look

Industrial materials and the mixing of materials are what is hot for 2019. One material that is especially popular is concrete. There are several ways to integrate concrete into your kitchen, with the most dramatic being your countertop. Concrete can be a more affordable than other countertop surfaces and it is also a durable option. Once the surface is sealed appropriately, concrete can be a multi-function surface that is good for meal prep or hosting small gatherings. If a concrete countertop is too bold for your liking, using the material as a backsplash or for the kitchen walls is another alternative. Concrete walls are also ideal because they easily match with other materials and colors.

Metal Finishes

Metal finishes can easily make a subtle or bold statement in your kitchen, depending on the metal you choose. If you want a touch of metal, silver or chrome finishes can give a slight sparkle to your kitchen. For a bolder look, gold, brass, or copper can stand out more. Do not be afraid of mixing metals throughout your kitchen, especially when you incorporate stainless steel appliances, which are also popular. Metal also works well if you want to adopt a dark-colored kitchen. Generally, kitchens are all white or have bright colors. You might prefer black or another dark color and to avoid your kitchen appearing drab, the contrast with shiny metals can liven up most darker colors.


Incorporating more texture into your kitchen remodeling project is another trend. You can incorporate texture in a tactile or visual manner, depending on the materials, colors, and prints you choose. For example, wood grain is a popular look that helps create texture in your kitchen. Wood cabinet doors with a natural finish may not be completely smooth and offer some tactile texture. If you cannot afford to incorporate wood, laminate designed to look like wood, brick, or stone can offer visual texture. Another popular option is leather with metal rivets, which can be used as drawer pulls or cabinet door covers.

Although it may not be ideal to transform your entire kitchen based on trends, since they can change without notice, you can make subtle, trendy changes. Incorporating small, trendy changes can help your remodeling project feel less mundane. Reach out to kitchen remodeling services to learn more.