3 Essential Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Tree Service

How many trees are there on properties that you own? How long has it been since you had these trees pruned or simply looked at by a professional? If you're like a lot of people, you have probably more or less ignored any trees on your property. As long as they still grow leaves or needles every year, there's nothing to think about. But while this isn't an uncommon assumption to make, it's not entirely correct. There are a number of reasons why you should have professionals inspect and/or prune your trees annually, or at least every other year. A few of the best reasons to do this include the following.

Healthier growth: In order to live, a tree needs to have sufficient air circulation to be able to "breathe" freely. As you are likely already aware, trees take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen. However, trees sometimes get overenthusiastic in their growth and the result is branches that cross and/or crowd each other so that air isn't able to circulate well. Under these conditions, the crowded branches can become susceptible to disease or pests. Tree service professionals can identify potentially problematic areas, trimming them back before they become a problem for you or for the tree.

Heal damage: Unlike when a human or an animal breaks a bone, when a tree's branch breaks, it isn't going to heal. The only way to fix the damage and ensure that more damage doesn't occur is going to be to have a tree service cleanly trim off the broken branch so that the tree can concentrate its resources on the unbroken limbs. If damage occurs during the winter, it is especially important to have the tree pruned before spring growth begins. If the branch is still partially connected to the tree, spring could mean that the branch will still attempt to grow which will waste resources and potentially weaken the tree.

Discover & eliminate disease: Since trees and other plants don't cough or run a fever when they are infected with a disease, the initial symptoms can sometimes be subtle and difficult to spot for anyone who doesn't work with trees on a regular basis. While they are pruning and removing branches, tree service professionals will look for signs of various diseases and infestations. If they find something amiss, you will be able to have the diseased part removed or treated before it spreads to the entire tree.