Do Public Bathrooms Have To Be Gross? Ways To Keep Your Business Clean And Inviting

Business premises are only now realizing that how clean their bathrooms are is a reflection of the business standards.

High-end clients need to feel just as home in your business premises as they would in theirs. A clean toilet creates an environment where they want to linger longer and their business interactions and general experience while at your business premises tends to be pleasant.  

If you own a business that caters to the public, it is important to understand that the level of sanitation of your toilets speaks volumes to your clients and is an opportunity to sell yourself or mar your brand.

Envision dining at a reputable restaurant with spotless table clothes, impeccable cutlery arrangement and culinary delights with deplorable toilets. This communicates a disconnect in the overall level of service. If the owner gave the toilet space the same attention that he gives all other aspects of his restaurant, the overall service would be fantastic, and you can be sure of not only repeat business but referrals as well which is exactly what any business would wish for.

Ways to Keep Your Business Clean and Inviting

1. Tend the Lawn and Greenery

If you are lucky enough to have a lawn at your business premises, it should well-kept and welcoming at all times with the driveway swept clean and free of debris.

Should your premises not have a lawn, you can get your designer to choose some artsy vases and plants that are nice and leafy. These go a long way to break the monotony of a banking hall or office reception. The sight of plants makes your space cheerful and calm.

2. Have a Plumbing Contractor

Leakages and blockages are inevitable in a building. It is advisable to have a reliable plumbing contractor that you can call to deal with any plumbing issues like toilet blockages that can result in losses for a busy enterprise.

Have your plumbing contractor perform routine plumbing health inspections to detect potential plumbing issues before they become a full-blown problem.

3. Have Good Housekeeping

Good housekeepers understand the need to give sensitive areas more attention. These include bathrooms. Most businesses premises like malls and offices take the trouble to ensure that their bathrooms are spotless, with plenty of running water, toiletries and fragrant at all times of business hours.

When a business environment is clean and inviting all around, it attracts a high caliber of clients who are happy to return and spend more.