3 Tips For Buying A New Garage Door

When it's time to replace your garage door, you have a lot of decisions to make. If you've had your current door for several years, garage doors have probably changed a lot since you shopped for your last one. Here are a few tips that may come in handy when you're looking for a new door.

Work With A Garage Door Company

You have the option of buying a door at a home improvement center to install yourself and working with a garage door company. Unless you have above average home improvement skills, it's best to let a professional install a garage door because of the weight of the door and the tension of the springs. Not only that, the company does all of the work once you've chosen the door you want.

This includes measuring to make sure the fit is exact, installing all the parts, hooking up the electrical components, and safety checking the work. This is a several hour job for a skilled professional and it could turn into a nightmare for you if you've never done it before. Another reason to work with a garage door company is so you get guidance on the type of door to install based on your budget, appearance of the door, and insulating quality.

Consider Modern Styles

If you have a rock-bottom budget and need a door before you can save up cash for something stylish, then going with a traditional steel door may be the best option. These doors are durable and attractive, but they are plain compared to what is available today. Carriage-style doors are becoming popular. These have a classic look, especially when they are made from wood or a material that mimics wood. Another option is a translucent door. These are made from aluminum frames that contain frosted or clear panes that flood your garage with natural light.

Think About Maintenance

One important consideration is maintenance. You may love the idea of a solid wood carriage door, but consider if you really want all the maintenance involved with a natural wood door that is subject to rotting and insect damage. You'll need to paint or stain the door on a regular basis to keep it looking nice or your expensive door will become an eyesore in a few years. Steel, fiberglass, and vinyl require little in the way of maintenance as long as they aren't painted. Most garage door materials today, including composite wood, can be made with natural wood coloring and texture so they look like expensive solid wood, yet require very little care.

Besides the garage door material and style, talk to a contractor like Dorsey Garage Doors about how you plan to use the garage. If you want to use it as an exercise room in the winter, you'll want a door that is insulated well so the space can be heated. Once your door is chosen, you'll also want to look at options for the garage door opener since these have many useful features that enhance the safety and security of your door while making it more convenient to operate.