Learn What to Do If a Tenant Leaves Their Belongings in Your Rental Property

Having to deal with horrible tenants when you own a rental property can make being a landlord very difficult. If you have recently had to evict tenants, and they are refusing to remove their belongings from your property, consider hiring a professional junk removal company to remove the items for you. The following guide walks you through the process for having the items removed properly to ensure that you cannot be held accountable for them in the future.

Find out How Long Your Jurisdiction Allows Tenants to Leave Property

Before you remove the items from the home, visit your local Housing Authority to find out what the laws are in your area regarding abandonment of property. Many states have a very limited amount of time available for tenants to retrieve their belongings because they want to be sure that the landlords can rent the property again quickly.

Document the Property Left Behind

Next, you need to take pictures of everything that was left behind in the home. Be sure to take pictures with their belongings in the exact places where they were left so that the tenants cannot claim that you damaged anything or made the home look messier than they left it. Print the pictures out and place them in a binder or scrapbook for safekeeping to be sure you have them available just in case the tenants try to take you to court later on down the road.

Have Professionals Remove the Junk

Finally, you need to have professionals haul away the junk for you. The professionals will have the proper tools and experience needed to clean the area quickly without putting themselves at risk. You do not want to attempt to remove the items yourself just in case there is anything that could hurt you and because you will more than likely have to make multiple trips to the dump to get rid of everything. The junk removal company will have a large truck they can use to haul everything away in one or two trips. Have a peek at this site to learn about junk removal services.

Once everything is removed from the home, be sure to clean it thoroughly. You may need to get it inspected by the housing authority in your area to make sure that it is habitable if the person who was living there before was a hoarder or lived a filthy lifestyle. It is important to work as quickly as you can so that you can get a new tenant in the property.