Taking A Closer Look At The Primary Benefits Of Using Tote Heaters In Your Agricultural Operation

Whether you are the owner of a large agricultural business or have a conservatively sized farm, there is no doubt that tote-style storage containers will be positioned on the property to house things like bio fuel, animal feed, or water.  The only problem with these industrial-sized storage totes is they offer little in the way of protection against the cold. Merely crafted of hard shell plastic in most cases, industrial storage totes are quite susceptible to cold temperatures, which can lead to freezing product inside or even fuel that is so low in viscosity that it is nearly impossible to pump.

Tote heaters are an excellent solution for keeping your materials at an ideal temperature even when winter is in full swing. Here is a closer look at the primary benefits and advantages of using tote heaters in your outdoor operation.

Tote heaters will not damage your products.

Tote heaters are much like thermal blankets, with controlled temperature settings. Therefore, you will always be in control of the heat setting when the equipment is in use. This means that you will not have to worry about overheating certain products that could be vulnerable to high temperatures. For example, if you have liquefied corn mash stored outdoors to feed your livestock, you can keep the product just warm enough that it will not freeze and not so hot that you will scorch the corn mash inside.

Tote heaters are portable and convenient.

Tote heaters can be attached to a storage tote of your choice as long as it is a standard sized tote. This makes it possible for you to heat up one tote of material that you need at the moment, and then re-position the tote heater around another container as needed. Because of this, many agricultural business owners invest in just a few tote heaters and rotate them as needed.

Tote heaters help speed along pumping processes of liquids and fuels.

Bio fuels are great for an agricultural business because they can be stored in these industrial totes without concerns. The only problem is that bio fuels can lose viscosity in cold temperatures, which will make it painfully slow to pump out and into your machinery or equipment. A tote heater can be used to keep your bio fuels at a temperature that encourages the ideal consistency. Therefore, you will never be stuck trying to pull or pump fuel that is too thick from a container because of the cold weather in the winter.