Properly Caring For And Cleaning Your Carpeting To Extend Its Life

You work to keep your home clean and in good condition, but the way you treat your carpet during your cleaning efforts could actually be taking some of the life out of it. Here, you will find out what to avoid doing and how to properly care for your carpet to keep it looking great for years to come.


Vacuum Often

The first and most common mistake when it comes to vacuuming is not doing it often enough. Even the rooms that aren't used often and appear to be perfectly clean need to be vacuumed a couple times each week. The dust and dirt that is sitting on top will end up deep down in the fibers and cause damage. Vacuum high-traffic areas three times a week and areas that aren't used often at least twice each week.

Raise the Beater Brush

You might think that setting your brush low will help get the deep-down dirt out of your carpeting. The truth is, having the beater set low will beat your carpet instead of brushing it. After a while, this will cause the carpet to break down and wear out much more quickly and you will lose the fluffy look.


The best technique to use while vacuuming is short strokes made multi-directionally. Don't use long strokes in one direction. You want the vacuum to go over every inch of the carpet in different directions multiple times to ensure that the fibers are all brushed and the dust, dander, mites and dirt are sucked out from between them.



Using too much cleaning solution can damage the fibers in the carpet. To clean spots, find a foaming pot cleaning product. The foam won't saturate your carpet like liquid does and will work to break the stains down as it sets instead of getting absorbed into the padding under the carpeting.


If you have a home carpet scrubbing machine that isn't made well, it can cause quite a bit of damage during each cleaning. A quality machine sucks up nearly all of the water and cleaning solution that it puts down. If your machine is leaving a lot of water and cleaning solution behind, the carpeting will become dingy-looking, smell terrible and begin to grow bacteria and mold.

Professional Cleanings

Your carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once each year. The equipment and products used by professional cleaners like Conscientious Carpet Care will help to revive your carpeting, get it truly clean and won't cause any damage in the process. The moisture is extracted and the dirt, dander, mites and spores are all extracted with it.

Keep these things in mind while you work to keep your carpets clean, healthy and looking great. The way you care for your carpeting will determine how many years of life it has.