Pool Repair: Liner Options For Your Swimming Pool

It's time for a new swimming pool liner. You have your pool all set up and ready to go, but the liner is either looking outdated or in disrepair from regular use. No matter the original liner in your swimming pool, it's possible to update the overall look with a new liner and resurfacing method. Choose a swimming pool liner that adds visual value to your pool area.


A vinyl liner is a budget option. Vinyl swimming pool liners come preformed into specific shapes. If you already had a vinyl liner in your pool, having a new one installed is certainly a viable option. New style liners even come in a variety of colors and patterns to give your pool a more attractive profile.


Fiberglass is often the other common choice for swimming pool liners. Fiberglass liners carry a higher up-front cost. However, a fiberglass liner requires less maintenance than vinyl and also lasts a lot longer. Fiberglass is a good option if your original liner was vinyl but you're ready for an upgrade.


If you're looking for a complete renovation of your swimming pool, shotcrete is an option for the liner. Contractors shoot a mixture of cement, sand and water with other additives against the foundation of the pool. A grid of rebar keeps the structure's shape. Contractors can deliver the shotcrete either wet or dry, which is called gunite. After application of the shotcrete, they apply a coat of plaster.


If you already have a concrete pool, it may be time to re-plaster the pool. Pool resurfacing adds instant beauty to a worn out pool. Contractors have to chip or sandblast the old plaster out. They then apply a new coat. Plaster has numerous customization options. You can choose the exact tint you want for the finished project. Likewise, contractors can include additives such as quartz and pebbles to give your pool a surfaced feel and shiny look.


A luxurious upgrade in your pool is having the entire pool lined in tile. Mosaic tiles add a texture and color variation similar to pebbled plaster but with more regularity in pattern. You can choose between ceramic or glass tiles. As the Landscaping Network points out, glass-lined pools have become a luxury trend because of the beauty in the finished product. Glass glistens naturally, so a glass-lined pool offers a high shimmer. However, outfitting a pool in tile is a painstaking process that adds time to the construction and price to your budget.

Whether you choose a budget liner or a luxurious lining option, your resurfaced pool is going to shine as the centerpiece of your yard once again. Contact a business, such as Heritage Pool Plastering, Inc., for more information.