Dual-Sided Fireplaces For Indoor/Outdoor Use: Tips On How To Make Them Secure, Functional And Attractive

You may have seen these two-sided fireplaces in vacation lodges somewhere, or in restaurants that have a hunting lodge theme to them. The fireplaces are clear glass on two sides, with access to the fireplace on the front and back sides. This type of fireplace would make an excellent addition to your home as an indoor/outdoor fireplace. Here are some tips on how to make these fireplaces secure, functional and attractive.

Add Your Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace to Your Sun Room or Four Seasons Room

When you install this type of fireplace in a sun room or four seasons room, it opens on one side to the interior room, and then opens on the opposite side to your outdoor patio or deck space. During colder months, you can sit in your interior room and stoke the fire for coziness. In the warmer months, the opposite side of the same fireplace becomes your outdoor fire pit for roasting marshmallows or entertaining guests. (Since it is already part of an exterior wall on an add-on structure to your home, there is less concern of a fire consuming the main structures of your house, if a fire should break out.)

Construct the Base of This Fireplace and the Chimney Stack with River Rock

When you use river rock (i.e., large, smooth stones taken from rivers) to construct the base of your fireplace and the chimney stack, you are using rocks that will naturally hold and emanate heat. In conjunction with the cement filler that will fill the spaces in around the river rocks, this type of construction also deters insects, animal pests and intruders from trying to chew or hack their way through into your home. It is very hard, heavy and durable, and the rustic look makes it a very attractive addition both indoors and out.

Add Locks to Both Sides of the Sliding Glass Partitions

The sliding glass doors on both sides of these unique fireplaces can be equipped with locks. (The locks will be constructed from a heat-resistant metal, so you need not worry about the locks melting or refusing to work after you have had a warm fire in the fireplace.) Be sure to request these locks from your fireplace contractor. The locks will keep out intruders by preventing them entry to your home through the dual sliding glass doors. With both sides locked and lockable, your new indoor/outdoor fireplace is very safe and quite secure. 

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