How Party Supply Rental Can Help Keep Guests Comfortable At An Outdoor Winter Party

Cold temperatures and wet weather can make outdoor winter parties tough to pull off, logistically. If you're planning a winter party in the coming months, you may face tough decisions about the best ways to keep the party environment comfortable for guests. Fortunately, there are several supplies available through party supply rental companies that may come in handy as you plan for your outdoor winter event.

Provide Tents

Hopefully the weather will be nice on the day of the party, but there's no way to know for sure. Renting a tent or another form of protective cover can help you give your guests a place to go where they can seek shelter if it rains, snows or hails. Tents that have walls as well as a roof will offer more protection from the cold.

If you plan to use portable heaters inside the tent, be sure to tell your party supply rental company. Portable tent heaters are different from patio heaters, which is what you would typically use outdoors. You'll want to be sure that your party supply rental company understands your intentions for the heater when you place the order.

Use Your Garage

Opening your garage for party members will give them an extra place to mill around in an indoor-outdoor setting. If your garage is messy (as is the case for many people), talk to your party supply rental company about renting temporary wall dividers to cover the interior walls of your garage. This will give you a place to hide all our tools and other supplies, without requiring you to completely empty the garage of its contents.

Set Up Warm Beverage Stations

Hot drinks will help your guests stay warm when they've been outside for a while. Providing beverage stations can help. Hot chocolate, hot tea and coffee can all help your guests keep their insides warm and comfortable. Rent electric urns and coffee brewers to set up under the tent outside. If some of your guests are children, rent low tables for the hot chocolate, then set the hot chocolate urns on a low temperature setting so the drinks won't be able to scald the younger party-goers.

For more information about how you can keep your guests comfortable at your outdoor winter party, talk to a party supply rental company like City Rentals. Your customer service representative will be able to tell you about the resources available to you, so you can order the best supplies for your needs.