How To Clean Your Refrigerator’s Evaporator Coils

There are many things that could be affecting the efficiency of your refrigerator. If it seems that your refrigerator and freezer are not as cold as they need to be, you may need to get it serviced. Before you call an appliance specialist, you might want to check the evaporator coils first. What are evaporator coils? This article explains what they are and how to clean them for a more efficient refrigerator.

Locating the Evaporator Coils

Almost all refrigerators house their evaporator coils on the backside. Built-in refrigerators with backs that are permanently installed to the cabinet obviously don't have evaporator coils on their back sides. In most cases, the coils on built-in refrigerators are underneath the unit. These should be serviced by professionals, if only because they are so hard to reach.

The coils on the back are copper and aluminum with small ridges. They are vital to the refrigeration of your unit. The coils run from the outside to the inside of the unit. They transport refrigerated coolant from the motor into the refrigerator unit, where the coil cools down the space. The process is very complicated, but all you need to know is that dirty coils will not conduct the cold liquid as quickly, making it hard to cool down your unit and throwing off the thermostat. 

Cleaning the Coils

Cleaning the coils is easy, but you need to unplug the power to your refrigerator. Keep the doors closed so you food does not rot. Since the coils are usually protected by a grill-like cage, you need a thin attachment for your vacuum hose. Otherwise, you can remove the protective cage so you can access the coils easier.

A hose vacuum is the most effective tool. Use the brush attachment to rub the dust off of the coils. Using a handheld sweeper, you can free most of the dirt between the coils. If you coils have sticky gunk that won't come off easily, use a wet rag to wipe them off. Try not to use any cleaners that could react when the coils heat up and cool down.

Cleaning your coils is an essential job. You should do it whenever you notice dust build up. Also, you will notice that if your refrigerator is in a dirty room, the coils are bound to get dirtier quicker. So, you will probably need to clean a refrigerator in your garage more often. For more information, talk to a company like Appliance Service Co Inc.