How To Seal Porcelain Grout Lines

The great thing about porcelain tile is that it is perfectly waterproof. This is why it is so popular in bathroom settings. In fact, it is often the product of choice when it comes to custom tile showers. It is a very low maintenance tile that is easy to clean and very durable. However, just because you have porcelain tile in your bathroom, does not mean that your floor will not need a little bit of care and maintenance. Specifically, you need to take care of your grout lines. This article will explain how to seal the grout lines on a porcelain tile floor.

Different Types of Grout Sealant

There are many different types of grout sealant. You can get sealant that will not affect the sheen or color of the grout. However, the most effective sealant leaves a glossy coat. Many people do not like this, but it is actually perfect for shiny porcelain tile floors. Furthermore, it is way better for waterproofing in the moist environment of the bathroom. Glossy sealant is also more durable, so you will not need to reseal your grout too soon. While it is ultimately a matter of personal preference, you should choose the most practical sealant for your floor. So go with the glossy.

Applying the Sealant

Applying grout sealant is actually very easy. First, you should know that you can slop the sealant all over the tile without affecting it at all. You do not need to try to get the sealant just on the grout. For the easiest application, pour the sealant directly on the floor. Then, with a lint-free rag in each hand, spread it into all the grout lines. Wear gloves and knee pads so you can crawl around on the tile floor with ease as you spread the sealant all over. Then, using some drier rags, wipe up the excess. You will then want to repeat this step and add a second or even third coat. The more coats you apply, the more protection you will add to your grout line. This means you will not need to reseal your grout as soon. This also means that grout lines will be a little shinier. But, the extra protection is well worth it.

Maintaining your grout lines is vital for keeping a strong porcelain tile floor. Don't neglect sealing your grout, as it could have serious repercussions when he comes to the integrity of the tile. Contact a tile contractor, like Atwood Floor and Tile, with any questions.