Season Changes Can Wreck A Garage Door System

Garage door systems need to be prepared for any type of weather, but improper installation or manufacturer defects can lead to some interesting problems that could ruin electrical and mechanical systems as soon as the seasons change. Whether your garage door is broken now or you're preparing for preventative maintenance, consider a few dangers unique to different seasons that could threaten progress.

Spring Shower Debris

Garage door control boxes need to be properly sealed and preferably located inside the garage. Unfortunately, some garage installations may leave gaps that allow water to trickle inside at an angle drastic enough to lead water toward the control box. 

A little water isn't a major issue. If the control box is damaged from water damage alone, the box was defective to begin with and should be shipped back for replacement. Unfortunately, some other issues can plague the area near the control box.

Depending on how the garage door was installed, there may be an exposed set of gears or rail attachments. Rain that washes dirt and debris from the home down to the garage door or splashes of water from passing cars can introduce mud to the system, which can wear away the gear or rail system as time goes by.

Even after the dirty water dries, particles of dirt or sand may be hard enough to weaken the teeth of gears, leading to a slipping garage door as the gears fail to grip. The problem could affect both the control box and the door itself, resulting in a more expensive replacement.

To combat the danger of wet debris, make sure to inspect and oil the metal components of your garage door on a weekly basis. Spray away any debris before oiling if the dirt is caked on especially thickly, and consider filling any areas that produce muddy puddles with gravel.

Winter Cracking And Splitting

This problem usually occurs with poorly processed iron or aluminum. Although there's nothing inherently wrong with recycling metal, gears and rails made of hastily melted metals can be more susceptible to temperature changes if the metal isn't cleansed of impurities with flux or reinforced with stronger additives.

Poor quality metals are often porous or unevenly shaped. When winter arrives, the cold temperatures can make contraction (when the molecules come closer together or become compact) a dangerous event that causes poor quality metals to crumble.

If you notice screeching, creaking or other strange noises from the garage door when the winter comes around, contact a garage door repair professional as soon as possible. For more information, contact All Pro Quality Garage Doors, Inc. or a similar company.