2 Tips For Building Your Home With A Great Backyard Lighting System In Mind

It can be tough to design a killer backyard while you're building a home from scratch. But since building a new home gives you so many more options for enhancing a backyard's lighting than simply renovating an old one, it can be a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience. To build your home around a backyard lighting system that's truly a sight to behold at night and during the evening, follow these two tips.

Choose A Material For The Walls Near Your Backyard That Reflects Light Well

It doesn't matter how impressive all the lighting fixtures in your backyard look if the walls behind them reflect light poorly. Neither a dull slab of concrete nor a rough collection of red bricks will reflect enough light to give your backyard the pleasing glow that it really deserves.

Fortunately, since you're designing your home from scratch, it's possible to make at least some sections of the wall facing your backyard out of either completely smooth stone or stone that's slightly curved. If you use very smooth and polished stone, the light coming off of backyard light fixtures will make the wall just bright enough to glow.

Some parts of an indented stone wall will glow more brightly than others, creating a wonderfully composite and beautiful sight. So when you're deciding how to construct the wall facing your backyard, don't be afraid to do it in sections. While the bottom of the wall needs to be wide and straight enough to support the weight above it, the upper section can be sunk into your home a few inches without creating any major structural concerns.

Don't Put A Shed Where It'll Significantly Disrupt The Lights In Your Backyard

It's important to avoid putting features in the middle of your backyard large enough to completely block light from your light fixtures. Especially if the offender is a large shed with no windows, blocking some of your backyard lights will ruin the impression any visitor gets upon seeing your home.

If you must install a shed in your backyard to store large pieces of equipment, either make it too short to block any lights or include large windows in the design. Before construction starts, make sure that a strong foundation made out of plenty of cinder blocks is planned for the area under the shed. Without an outstanding foundation, the shed could gradually sink into the ground on one side. If a sunken shed is standing directly between the main backyard lights next to your wall and an observer, it will block out more lights near one side of the wall than ones near the other, ruining the observer's view.

While you don't need good backyard lighting for a good-looking home, it's necessary if you want what you've built to look truly amazing. As almost everything is your responsibility when you're building a home from scratch, it makes sense to strive for as much perfection as possible. If you're looking for help constructing your home, visit Wilson Buildings.