5 Ways To Improve Your Roofing In A Desert Climate

If you're concerned over both the appearance and efficiency of your roofing when living in a desert after buying an older home, it's a good idea to look into tackling the most beneficial projects for improving both. If the roofing of your home is lacking, you may find that your energy usage is higher than it needs to be or that the roof doesn't flatter the existing style of your home. Whatever your intentions are with making improvements to the roof, consider the following five options for upgrading your roofing.

Opt for the Lightest Colored Roofing

It's common knowledge that dark colors absorb heat, often leading to the interior of your home being warmer than you may like if dark colors are present in the roofing. The easiest way to cool down your home without using your air conditioner or fans is through choosing lighter colored tiles and shingles for the roofing.

Use Clay Tiles for the Best Heat Efficiency

When faced with different materials for the roofing of your home, it's a good idea to pick tiles or shingles that will help reduce the heat in your home as much as possible due to the hot desert climate. A fantastic option that's been used in architecture for as long as architecture has existed is clay tiles. Their reasonable price and ability to reflect heat make clay tiles a fantastic choice for roofing in deserts.

Choose Light Colored Metal to Reflect Sunlight

While clay tiles work great in warm climates, they may not offer the modern appearance you're looking for. Another option that can help reflect sunlight is metal sheets in a light color. The metal will reflect the sunlight, reducing the heat your home absorbs and offer a modern alternative for the curb appeal of your home.

Make Wind Resistance a Priority

Many desert climates also have a lot of wind, making it a good idea to keep this in mind when getting the roofing installed. To ensure that no tiles, shingles, or roofing sheets are blown off on a windy day, rely on professionals for the installation job.

Consider Installing Solar Panels

Even with changes to the roofing of your home, you'll still need to look for other ways to keep your home cool on the hottest days. To reduce the cost of running your air conditioner and indoor fans, look into the investment of solar panels. Not only are they very effective at reducing your energy costs, they can also help add significant value to your home.

With all the options for improving the roofing of your home, it makes sense to get started before  the heat of summer arrives. By setting aside the time to look into the options that will benefit your home the most and will lead to energy savings, you can make the changes to your roof that look great and will reduce your dependency on your air conditioner.

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