Tips For Making Your Chain Link Fence More Attractive

Chain link fences, though very useful and practical, aren't known for being terribly attractive. In fact, many homeowners hide their chain link fences by covering them with decorative materials. These tips will help you hide your chain link fence, so it will blend in with the landscaping. 

Rolled Wood Fencing or Lattice Coverings

Rolled wood fencing is made of materials like bamboo or reeds, and is held together with galvanized wire. Positioned upright and wired to the fence itself, rolled wood fencing can easily hide an unattractive chain link fence, making it appear that the fence is made of an exotic, natural material. Rolled wood can be applied to one side of a fence or both sides, depending on the need. 

Lattice is similar to rolled wood fencing in that it can easily be attached to a chain link fence. Lattice is inexpensive, lightweight and widely available at hardware stores, home improvement centers and decking supply warehouses. It is also is easy to cut down into a practical, useful size. All of these qualities make lattice an excellent material to hide a chain link fence. 

Climbing Plants

Homeowners with a green thumb have the option of covering their chain link fence with climbing plants like clematis or morning glory. Climbing plants are an excellent option for anyone hoping to add greenery to their back yard, but climbing plants do have some downsides that must be taken into consideration.

For starters, many plants must be trimmed back regularly or they will grow out of control. In addition, plants require regular watering as a part of their care. Homeowners who choose to cover their chain link fences with plants are making the commitment to water these plants for an indefinite period of time. Finally, vines hold in moisture against the surface of the chain link fence and can cause the fence itself to rust over time. 

Woven Cloth

Weaving cloth into the wires of a chain link fence covers up the holes in the fence, which provides privacy, and also gives the fence a unique and eclectic quality. Woven cloth can also be used to form patterns in the fence. 

At the end of the day, a chain link fence is still a chain link fence. These options can cover much of the fence, making it difficult to tell that there is a chain link fence beneath all the decoration, but parts of the fence will still likely show through. Replacing the fence is the only way to fully transform the fence. For more information, contact a fence company like Challenger Fence Co Inc about other types of fences available for installation.