5 Ways to Tell if Your Furnace Is About to Break Down

Whether your furnace is in your basement or tucked away in a closet, one thing remains the same, it works tirelessly to keep you warm through the winter. That doesn't mean that you should pay your furnace no attention. If you neglect it long enough you could find yourself caught out in the cold during those long, cold months. However, there are some warning signs that you can catch before it's too late. 

Rumble in Your Furnace

That rumble in your furnace might not be a ghost in the machine. In fact, far removed from a haunting loud noises in your furnace are almost definitely a sign that something is wrong. While there are various reasons for loud noises in your furnace, from belts to an ignition problem, it is a serious problem you should get looked at immediately. 

Your Energy Bill Has Spiked

While you might be able to look past some loud noises in your home you most likely will not look over rising energy bills. Signs of a higher then usual energy bill is a telling sign that your furnace is overworked or performing inefficiently. Even if you can't discern that a problem exist, getting a professional to come out is still a good idea.

Your Furnace Is Just Plain Old

Sometimes things just get old and worn out. The average furnace has a lifespan of anywhere between 15 to 20 years. If your furnace is approaching this age you might want to go ahead and plan for getting a replacement.

There's a Draft

A furnace should keep your house nice and warm. Yet, if your house is feeling a little cold in areas your furnace is probably on the fritz. This could be a leak in the system or simply be some worn out parts. Either way, you will want to call a professional out before ice starts forming on the inside of your house. 

Something Stinks

The air in your home should be fresh while the furnace is in use. So if the air just smells like something's burning or just smells plain funky something may be caught in the vents or a part is burning out inside the furnace. Neither spells good for you as it puts your home at risk for a fire. So if the air just isn't quite right, get it checked out as soon as possible.

Hopefully these little tips can help you recognize a problem before it really starts. For more tips and suggestions, talk to local resources such as A Avis Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning.