Maintaining Your Boat Dock: What You Should Know

When you finally find that perfect seaside property, complete with your own boat dock, you feel like you are on top of the world. After all, you have always wanted to wake up with a view of the vast, expansive ocean. However, as a newbie to the world of seaside living, you may not know all that goes into maintaining your beloved boat dock.

The sea is a fickle mistress, and while beautiful, can put a great deal of strain and stress on your seaside structures. In order to ensure that your boat dock remains in pristine and working order, there are some basic maintenance guidelines you need to follow. Then, you will be able to enjoy your boat dock for as long as possible. 

Regularly Seal Your Dock

In order to protect your boat dock against the sea water that surrounds it, you will need to regularly seal your dock. These protective sealants will help to protect the wood of your boat dock from warping, mildew, and rot as a result of continued contact with sea water. 

This resealing process should occur once a year. If you are not comfortable applying the sealant yourself, a marine contractor will be able to perform this task easily and quickly. They will also be able to determine whether or not damage has occurred since the last sealant application. 

Inspect The Roof Monthly

If your boat dock has a roof to protect your boat from storm damage, theft, or the like, you will need to perform frequent inspections on the roofing structure. Once a month, grab a ladder and climb up to have a look at your boat dock roof.

Look for any cracked or missing shingles, any signs of algae or mold growth, and any points at which the roof is sagging or drooping. If you notice any of these signs, call a marine contractor right away to help you repair your boat dock roof.

Because the weather and conditions by the sea can be so unpredictable and (at times) harsh on building structures, waiting to repair damage could result in complete failure of your boat dock roof. This could damage your boat and cost you a great deal in repairs and replacements for both your boat dock roof and your boat itself.

Pay Close Attention To Metal Components

While the primary structure of your boat dock may be wood, it still has several metal components. Nails, screws, fasteners and hinges are all comprised of various metals. 

When performing boat dock maintenance, thoroughly inspect these metal components. Bright orange rust, or erosion of any kind on your metal boat dock fixtures will need to be addressed immediately. Rust and erosion are signs that the structural integrity of the metal has been compromised and it is only a matter of time before that metal component fails. So, act fast and replace damaged metal components to prevent bigger problems.

Maintaining your brand new boat dock does not have to be a difficult task. Just be sure to stick to a regular maintenance schedule and call a marine contractor any time you have a concern or repair need that you cannot easily handle yourself. If you do this, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your new boat deck for many years to come. (for more information, contact a company such as Abbott's Construction Services Inc.)